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12 Shave Hacks Every Man Should Know!

Shaving is something that the majority of men does daily but almost never pay attention to. With that being said, here at Pascal's Barber Salon, one of the best Barber shops in Beverly Hills, we make sure that we put in a little extra effort when it comes to your daily shaving routine, in order for you to enjoy all the benefits in added comfort along with better skin. Listed below are 12 easy steps for any men to turn their morning task into a spa-like luxury treatment:

Despite the fact that most men are used to simply putting on shaving foam that you can get from your local store and cheating their morning routine, an excellent pre-shave plan can improve both the quality of your shave and definitely reduce any discomfort to your face.

1. Wash up
While many people depend on a hot bath every day to wake them up, steaming up the bathroom can certainly be a fantastic starting point when it comes to shaving. Steam allows the skin pores to relax and causes your skin to soften, making it possible for your razor to slide easily across your face.

2. Soften your beard
When inside the shower, use a good layer of hair conditioner on your beard and use your fingertips to form a nice lather. Allow the conditioner to stay on your beard for a few minutes, causing the hair on your face to soften.

3. Utilize a Pre-Shave Oil
As soon as you leave the shower, your facial hair along with the skin beneath it is going to be smooth and soft, and through utilizing a coating of pre-shave oil, you are able to keep it like that by sealing in the moisture. Furthermore, oil enables the blade to move smoothly across your face, minimizing nicks and discomfort. Despite the fact that you can buy specialized shaving oils, you may also use ordinary old olive, canola, coconut or practically every other oil which you can imagine… except for those that goes in your vehicle.

Shave Time
At last, the most important event! Since your face is nice and ready, we will take the razor and start the perfection steps involved in shaving.
4. Work with a sharp blade
Irrespective of whether you use a straight edge razor, DE safety blade or an ordinary old Mach 3 disposal, the main thing is that no matter what you use is sharp. With blade cartridge costs remaining as incredibly high like they are, you are able to see why some men choose to reuse the same razor for several months, until it is actually only ripping the hair from their face… don’t become that man, it isn't worth your money you are conserving. Switch razors the moment they begin to drag across your beard and not sliding effortlessly. Many disposable blades are simply good for 7 days, at times less. In case you discover that changing your blade cartridges that usually is bleeding you dry, think about changing to a double edge safety razor, the blades are super sharp and affordable.

5. Use an excellent shaving cream
Throw away that outdated container of Barbasol and buy an excellent shaving cream created using organically produced ingredients that won’t just improve your shave but nurture your skin as well. Stay away from any item that consists of parabens or silicone. If you would like a proper treat, try making use of a top quality badger or boar hair shaving brush to receive an incredibly good lather, you will appreciate it.

6. Make use of short strokes
You can find a typical shaving myth which is easier to create long, ongoing strokes, from upper cheek towards the base of your neck. In fact, you are more satisfied with short right strokes which enable you to better manage how much downwards tension you are putting on your blade, which helps reduce discomfort.

7. Initially, shave with the grain
On your first attempt, shave towards your hair growth. This will allow you to eliminate the majority of the hair and result in less irritation.

8. Then shave over and against the grain
Following your first shave, re-apply shaving cream and properly clean your blade prior to shaving over the grain after which eventually against the grain to get a brilliant close shave that may just hold your 5 o’clock shadow under control for a couple more hours.

Since the difficult part has ended, you will discover just a couple more steps to make sure that you look handsome after you removed all the unwanted hair from your skin.

9. Rinse your face using cold water
Get rid of any leftover pre-shave oil or shaving cream by rinsing your face using cold water, which will close your skin pores and firm the skin of your face.

10. Apply an Alum Block
Go buy an alum block… it’s alright, we’ll wait. Ok, now wet that alum block and carefully wipe it all over your fresh shaved face and get ready to feel each area that you cut only minutes before. Alum is actually a light antiseptic that will aid with quickly sealing any small cuts while refreshing and cooling your skin.

11. Use a skin toner
Sprinkle some witch hazel or other good quality toner onto your skin and remove it using a cotton pad to eliminate any extra oils from your skin.

12. Use a skin moisturizer
In case your skin feels dried out after your shaving process, make sure you use a moisturizer, if possible, one which has SPF protection. Apply to the dry parts of your skin using your fingertips.

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